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One great advantage of the English language is that generally you do not have to worry about the gender with English nouns as you do with so many other languages apart from nouns with a natural gender.

What I mean by natural gender are nouns that refer to people or animals.

In French one needs to know the gender of every noun so that one uses the correct definite article.

La maison means in French the house. The definite article ‘La’ is the feminine definite article for ‘the’ because house in French is feminine.

Le Jardin means in French the garden. The definite article ‘Le’ is the masculine definite article for ‘the’ because garden in French is masculine.

In English it’s easy, you just don’t need to worry whether house or garden is masculine or feminine, the definite article is simply thethe house, the garden

 When I learnt French at school the way I remembered whether it was ‘le’ or ‘la’ for house or garden was that a woman usually looks after the house and a man usually looks after the garden!

This really is a big bonus when learning English as there is less to learn in terms of knowing what gender  a noun is, however, there are plenty of peculiarities or inconsistencies about the English language which makes English quite a hard language to learn.

A couple of examples of inconsistencies are:

  • Words having the same pronunciation, for example the following words are all pronounced the same  way but as you can see they are spelt differently and have different meanings  ‘write’, ‘right’ and ‘rite’, confusing eh?
  • Words that are not pronounced in the way they look. For example, ‘island’ where the ‘s’ is not pronounced or ‘doubt’ where the ‘b’ is not pronounced.

So hopefully you can see why English can be a little tricky to learn.

Please do not be discouraged from learning English from what I have written above, every language has its peculiarities and therefore uniqueness but fear not as help is available if you visit below to overcome these peculiarities.  







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