Why You Should Learn English

The following will hopefully give you some main reasons for learning English. By coming to this website you obviously have an interest in considering  learning English, this wonderful and useful language. Let me try and give you some very basic reasons for doing so. Learning English for Entry to an English Speaking University Perhaps you are […]

English Level for Entry to UK and USA Universities

Hi Everyone, today my post is on the subject of what are the requirements for the level of English needed to enter a University in the UK, Australia or the USA. The requirements are pretty high for a very good reason which is for your benefit and for the University’s benefit, why? If you are […]

Basic English Punctuation – Punctuation is Powerful

Punctuation, basic English punctuation, punctuation!!!! , . : ; ” ‘ ? ! ( ) – . etc. Oh so complicated at times I hear you say. Well, to make it easier for you to understand in a light hearted way I came across this amusing example the other day:- Yes punctuation is really powerful […]