July News for Learning English

1. July Campaign from Innovative Languages Learning. Get 29% OFF any Basic, Premium or Premium Plus Subscription. Basic gives you complete access to the lessons and lesson notes. Premium gives you the entire language learning system – all lessons, lesson notes, study tools, smart flashcards, apps and more. Premium Plus gives you access to everything […]

Confusing Words in English

The English language is beautiful but at the same time complicated, for example the many confusing words in English. Sometimes, even a native English speaker finds this language confusing and makes some minor mistakes. In fact, a writer makes the mistake whilst even knowing the meaning of the word because of the confusion of spelling. […]

Tips on How to Improve Your English in Terms of Reading and Writing

Some individuals are lucky to have English as their first language while others learn English as their second language. You can easily distinguish a native English speaker from one who is not. They normally speak differently. Achieving fluency and clarity in English requires plenty of time and hard work.In most cases, learners need at least […]

Facts vs Fiction – Learning English Online

Addressing the myths surrounding online English learning, facts vs fiction. For some time now, language enthusiasts have been consistently trying to improve their knowledge of the English language, which explains why the idea of learning English online is gaining popularity. We live in a fast moving world where every second counts, and there is always […]

Why Should You Learn English? – Find Out Why Here

Most people wonder why learning English is important. English language courses have always been providing a lot of opportunities for young aspiring students in various parts of the world. These courses provide you with endless social, cultural and economic benefits. They also contribute a lot to changing the monolingual tendency that has always been prevalent. […]

The Importance of Learning English – A Way to Learn

The importance of learning English so as to have the ability to communicate and more so do it well is very important. Communication includes both verbal and written and one has to be able to properly convey or relay information in both ways. There are so many different languages spoken in the world but none […]

Learning English Online – Easy and Convenient

If you or someone in your circle feels the need to learn English as a second language, then online English training can be your best choice. When you get the opportunity to learn English online from native English teachers, the chances are that you will learn faster by just listening. Whether you are an adult […]