Chinese Students

My wife, who is Chinese and a qualified UK accountant, and I have developed various spoken modules in English to help Chinese students visiting the UK or USA for the first time to study at University or College. The modules will help with various conversations needed when traveling, on arrival and during the first week or so in the UK or USA, for example, how to communicate with a taxi driver, registering with a doctor or dentist, opening a bank account etc.

We have also developed several very comprehensive modules to help students with career development much of which has already been used with Chinese students in the UK attending Universities.

Additionally, we are able to assist students in China seeking advice and assistance who are wishing to come to UK to study at whatever academic level whether simply to study English or pursue studies at a College or University or even to take a degree in Golf related subjects.

If you would like further information please contact me through the ‘Contact Me’ option at the top of this page, I would be very pleased to provide you with details and assistance.

Thank you.