Facts vs Fiction – Learning English Online

Addressing the myths surrounding online English learning, facts vs fiction.

For some time now, language enthusiasts have been consistently trying to improve their knowledge of the English language, which explains why the idea of learning English online is gaining popularity. We live in a fast moving world where every second counts, and there is always a need to save a little time on each activity. Today, millions of people are taking online classes in a bid to perfect their English-speaking abilities.

Addressing the common misconceptions

Supporters of traditional learning are firmly against the idea of online learning. They argue that brick and mortar schools are far better. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. There are way too many myths surrounding learning the English language online, and a huge percentage of them are plain wrong.

Below is a point by point look at online learning vs classroom learning.

The idea of flexibility

Should you choose to learn English online, you can decide your own timelines. You can study in the middle of the night and you can ‘go to school’ over the weekends. You do not need to rush through traffic in order to get to a lecture in time; all you have to do is sit in front of your computer and learn at your pace. With traditional learning in a classroom, you have to be there whether the timing is convenient for you or not.


The success of a classroom encounter depends on the person delivering the learning experience. This essentially means that as a learner, you never really get to sample your syllabus independently. It is a spoon-feeding module where the student is helpless in the absence of the teacher. However, online learning allows you to explore your limits, look at research and solve problems independently.


Classroom learning comes with all the pitfalls of traditional models of learning. There is no real incentive to follow up on assignments and progress, and there is no wherewithal to streamline learning activities. Online learning offers you a fresh perspective into the whole concept of education in an enjoyable way. You are in control of everything that happens around you, you can set your own timelines, and you get to have a firm hold on your goals.

Debunking existing myths

The idea that online English learning is ‘not the real thing’ is simply not true. Technology allows us to enact a real-life scenario by means of video sessions, tests and socialized interactions in the way of forums and chat rooms. The absence of physical contact is offset by the creative use of technology.

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