Improve English Public Speaking

Overcoming the fear of public speaking and to improve English public speaking or even public speaking in your native language is a question often asked.

 Improve English Public Speaking

The fear is understandable as one does not have the confidence and there is a fear of making mistakes but remember that everyone learning a language makes mistakes. If you knew it all you wouldn’t be learning the language.

I shall provide you with some information further down in this post as to where you could go to improve your public speaking in English but before doing so I would like to share with you a few words that a Government Minister in Asia recently said:

There are no born public speakers; one has to learn to communicate by breaking the ice, like getting over stage fright and building one’s vocabulary.

He hardly knew any English when he was in secondary school. He went to Australia to further his studies after secondary school and had a really hard time to start with.

To help himself improve his English, he kept a notebook so that whenever he came across an unfamiliar word, he would write it down and look it up in a dictionary later.

From there, he would use the words in phrases to familiarise himself with them.

He said pronunciation was another crucial part of learning the language.

He would tell his friends and others to work hard at mastering the English language so that they could enjoy the success for the rest of their lives and open many new opportunities.

It is worth just reflecting on what he has said as it is such good advice and so true.

Now to get back to public speaking whether it is in English or your native language.

Improve English Public Speaking

There is an organisation by the name of Toastmasters International.

The Toastmasters International website may be found at:

Toastmasters International


by clicking on the Toastmasters International logo below.Improve English Public Speaking

Every day, thousands of people go to Toastmasters meetings held within communities and organisations around the world. A club meeting isn’t set up like a classroom. Instead, it’s a supportive group environment where people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds come together to practice their skills and exchange valuable feedback in a fun and relaxed manner.

With more than 14,650 clubs in 126 countries, finding a club near you should be easy. It’s important to choose a club that fits your goals, preferences and schedule. You can also visit several clubs before you join one. Ready to get started? Find a club near you. Search now

Can’t find a club in your area? It’s easy to start one!  Learn more

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I hope this post today helps  you and gives you some ideas to think about.

Good luck.


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