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Spanish English translation online or French English translation services or the best Chinese English translator to name a few or If you are about to start learning English online and have a very limited knowledge of English you will find it useful to use the facilities provided by One Hour Translation.

Additionally if anybody has any business documents e.g. legal, technical, applications for a job, marketing material in your native language that you require translating to English or indeed any other language then the facilities provided at One Hour Translation will be able to assist you.

What is One Hour Translation?

  • Translations are carried out by professionally qualified people who have to go through a vigorous verification process before being accepted. The translations do not use any automated translation process. The One Hour Translation’s Terms of Use for all translators STRICTLY FORBIDS the use of machine translation of any kind. Translators who attempt to pass off machine translations will be BANNED from the site immediately and will lose all of their credits.
  • Over 73 languages and over 2,500 language combinations, from language A to language B, for translations are available.
  • One Hour Translation has over 15,000 professional translators located in over 100 different countries.
  • The service is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • As a guide a 200 word document requiring translation will take about one hour.
  • A free trial is offered so that you are able to satisfy yourself with the service.
  • An instant price quote and time calculator is available online which you are able to use to help you decide whether to use the service.


  • An online ‘Help Centre’ is provided which having entered your question will search their database for an answer if a similar match is found to your question.
  • You may also contact the customer hot lines located in the USA and UK or by fax.
  • There is of course the facility to email using the online form to submit your question.
  • Live Chat is also available.

Cost of Translations

  • Translations of general material:  $0.079/word
  • Translations of general material including proofreading:  $0.135/word
  • Expert translations e.g. legal, technical,medical:  $0.139/word
  • Expert translations e.g. legal, technical,medical including proofreading:  $0.239/word

There are further pricing structures for exclusive language pairs e.g. Japanese -> English and Korean -> English which may be viewed by clicking here and then clicking on Services followed by Price.


Having used One Hour Translation services on several occasions I have found the quality of the translation to be excellent for a very reasonable price with a convenient service that  was really fast.
The site is easy to use with a simple and convenient process to get a document translated.

I have used other translation facilities in the past including automated ones, none of which match the quality translations provided by the professional translators at a reasonable price and in a timely manner as provided by One Hour Translation.

I very strongly recommend ‘One Hour Translation’ and would rate it 9/10.

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