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I’m a native English speaker and I just had trouble spelling ‘vocabulary’ so if you wish to learn English vocabulary or indeed improve your English vocabulary do not feel alone as I clearly need to improve also. ๐Ÿ™‚

Joking aside, improving ones English vocabulary is a never ending task, why?, because apparently according to a fairly recent Google/Harvard study there are approximately 1,022,000 words in the English language so to know all 1,022,000 words let alone know the meaning of each is an impossible task for us all.

Whether it is necessary to know even half this amount of words is really questionable in my opinion. It obviously depends entirely on what the ultimate objective is in learning English.

Someone wishing to learn enough English to be able to have a simple conversation with English speaking people whilst on holiday is not going to need to have as extensive a vocabulary as somebody that is going to, say, work in an English speaking country who will have to write letters, proposals and various documents in English.

So the extent to which one has to build a vocabulary varies but for sure one obviously has to develop a vocabulary to suit your needs, the larger the better relative to the need so as to speak with confidence.

What is the best way to achieve this? One of the best ways is to read good English books, newspapers and magazines such as the the Time magazine. Whilst reading such publications have your English dictionary next to you and write down the new word together with the meaning and try to memorise the word(s). Of course many books, magazines and newspapers may be viewed online.

Listening to English speaking TV channels or English speaking radio channels is another way ifVocab1 you have access to such channels where you live e.g. the BBC or CNN. You hear a new word, write it down, look it up in your dictionary and memorise. The additional advantage with this approach is that you will in most cases here good pronunciation of the words especially the news channels.

A further way to develop your vocabulary is to combine this with learning English grammar and havingย  good quality conversation with native English speakers all of which can be achieved conveniently online from your home, on the bus or train going to work.

By visiting this site you are obviously interested in finding out how to improve your English so do please click the image above or click on this link when you will be taken to a source where you will find an excellent online facility for helping you to learn English or improve your English.

Your feedback on this site would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I wish you good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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