Reading English Practice

Today my post is about the necessity for reading English practice as much as possible to learn and improve your ability to speak the English language. With this in mind I was fascinated to read about a property company which is helping children in reading English practice by sponsoring pullouts in a Malaysian national newspaper […]

Learn English Language Online

Can I learn the English language online? You certainly can and the post below will help you, I hope, to decide why you should and suggest where you will be able to do English learning online. The fastest growing countries for learning English currently are China, Brazil and Russia. It is believed by many experts that […]

Learn English Vocabulary

I’m a native English speaker and I just had trouble spelling ‘vocabulary’ so if you wish to learn English vocabulary or indeed improve your English vocabulary do not feel alone as I clearly need to improve also. 🙂 Joking aside, improving ones English vocabulary is a never ending task, why?, because apparently according to a […]