The Importance of Learning English – A Way to Learn

The importance of learning English so as to have the ability to communicate and more so do it well is very important.

Communication includes both verbal and written and one has to be able to properly convey or relay information in both ways. There are so many different languages spoken in the world but none of them is as essential as English. Even though it is not the most spoken Language in the world, it remains the official language of many countries. The importance of learning English, or communicating in it effectively, can therefore not be ignored.

Working Abroad

The importance of learning English, especially if you intend to work abroad, is something that cannot be stressed enough. Most countries use English as their official language and it would thus be possible to communicate with the natives effectively in the course of your work. Being able to speak English will therefore increase your value as a potential employee to employers overseas.

Cross-border Business Activities

Most international business deals are negotiated in English. This is because it is the language favored by most business people due to its universal appeal. It also provides some sort of communication middle ground without offering undue advantage to one party.

Literature and Film

Many publications of great books are done in English. Books that inspire culture and create trends, motivational books and many other great works of literature are done in English. Hollywood maintains a hold on the movie industry and most of its movies are written and produced in the English language. The global audiences must therefore have an understanding of this universal language to be able to follow the conversations and ultimately the plot of any given film so as to enjoy them.

A Global Identity

When it comes to blending in, the importance of learning English, as experienced by many people who move to Europe and even North America to look for employment opportunities or pursue career goals, can only be explained in the context of availability of opportunities. Having the ability to speak English gives you a universal identity and places you at an advantage point when it comes to opportunities that are available.

Internet Content

Nearly half of the content on the internet is done in the English language. The world wide web has become more than a necessity today and many people who frequent it will find that it really is important to be able to have a good knowledge of English in order to access and effectively process the information displayed.

The importance of learning English, as emphasized by the above reasons, goes beyond just the need to communicate and pass information. It promotes integration and also appreciation of culture.

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