Tips on How to Improve Your English in Terms of Reading and Writing

Some individuals are lucky to have English as their first language while others learn English as their second language.

You can easily distinguish a native English speaker from one who is not. They normally speak differently.

Achieving fluency and clarity in English requires plenty of time and hard work.In most cases, learners need at least a year and at times years in order to achieve mastery in English speaking and listening.

Some people get frustrated along the way after they come to the realization that making further progress with the language is beyond their reach.

However, there are tips that will help you improve your English. They include the following:

Practice the art of reading as often as possible

You should practice the art of reading newspapers, magazine, journals, Readingstorybooks and novels written in English loudly. This will go a long way in improving your quality of speaking. You should do this as often as possible.

Practice speaking in English to friends and your relatives

Practice practice makes perfect. You should not shy away from speaking to them in English. You will also learn some new vocabulary from them as you converse. Gradually, you will be in a position to speak more and more sentences in English.

Exercise patience and persistence

It takes time to learn English and be in a position to speak it fluently. This makes most individuals  getting frustrated especially if they are not making significant progress in terms of writing and speaking in English. However, if you are determined and persistent, you can easily learn how to speak and write in English.

Do not speak your native language if you stay abroad

You should try as much as possible to refrain from speaking in your native language if you live abroad. Sometimes it is difficult to be in the presence of someone from the same country and not speak your native language. It is embarrassing and sometimes awkward and you also need to avoid the company of those who are not willing to speak in English. ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ as the English expression goes. You should associate with those who speak English as that will be the best way that you will improve your English.

Watch English native speakers on TV

You will find out that most of those English native speakers on TV especially those who read the news speak English  very well. You will be in a position to learn how to construct sentences, apply idioms, and learn vocabulary and so much more. If you watch them regularly, your English is likely to improve significantly.

Practice writing in English daily

You are likely to create a new habit if you practice writing in English day in Weitingday out. Once it becomes a habit, you will find out that your English will improve significantly. You should dedicate yourself to becoming a better writer in English. Always keep on trying, don’t give up.

In summary, with consistent effort and practice, you can become a master of most things including learning English. You should nurture the culture of reading articles and blogs that are written in English. In addition, practice writing in English and your skills of speaking and writing in English will improve. Nothing is so difficult. You just have to stay focused and watch things happen.

Good luck in your endeavors.

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