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Can I learn the English language online? You certainly can and the post below will help you, I hope, to decide why you should and suggest where you will be able to do English learning online.

The fastest growing countries for learning English currently are China, Brazil and Russia.

It is believed by many experts that the number of people learning English is going to grow from approximately 1 billion now to approximately 2 billion in the next 5 years consequently learning English online and studying English online is going to contribute significantly to the demand.

A further point of interest is that English is the most popular second language being learnt around the world.

Learning English online has become an extremely popular way of learning English due to the technology offered by the Internet where one to one online interactive tuition is available and e-books, games, videos and mobile applications are available to enhance the learning process.

Above all online learning is convenient and can be arranged in the comfort of your home when it suits you to do so and by using modern day technology the tuition can be customised to suit you.

The key to commencing online studying and learning is to determine together with the provider of the tuition online what your level of English is at the outset i.e. a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

What ever level you are at the online tuition must be able to address the tuition at the level that suits your current standard so that you get the maximum benefit. This may sound somewhat obvious however it is my experience that many tutors do not teach students at the correct level resulting in the student either not understanding what is being taught or getting very bored going through topics that he or she already knows.

A further point that needs to  be evaluated at the onset is what is the purpose for which you wish to learn English, is it for traveling abroad in the very near future or for studying or for business?

Another point to consider are your interests e.g. golf or any other sport, music or art.  If the learning of English is related to your interest your pace of learning and success is likely to be much higher.

It is the opinion of some people, which I agree with wholeheartedly, that traditional ways of teaching English in a classroom to large groups of students is that what is taught is the same syllabus for everyone. As we all know, everyone does not learn at the same pace.

It therefore follows that each student needs to be taught differently to suit their pace of learning.

In conclusion do please visit my review of Rocket Languages where you will find one of the best sources for learning English online.

If I can help you in any way do please contact me or  leave a reply, I will do my best to help.

Thank you, wishing you good luck.


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